A girl and her love of nail polish

If you’re looking for some not-too-challenging (except for maybe the water marbles) nail art ideas for Halloween, here’s a round-up of some posts I did for a nail art challenge a few years back. Happy Halloween!!

Water Decals

Halloween Nail Art: Hello Kitty Water Decals


Pumpkin Halloween Fall Nail Art

Witch Magic Water Marble

Halloween Water Marble Magic Witch Nail Art

Spider Gradient

Spider Halloween Nail Art

Frankenstein French Manicure

Frankenstein French tips Halloween nail art

Ghosts, Goblins And Jack-O’-Lanterns

Ghosts Goblin Jack-o-lantern pumpkin Halloween nail art

Mummy Water Marble

Mummy water marble Halloween nail art

Blood Spatter

Halloween Nail Art: Blood Smears

Halloween Dotticure

Halloween Dotticure Dotting Nail Art with China Glaze Riveting

Halloween Water Marble


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