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Restock Radar: Week Of May 20

Running a little late today, sorry! Here’s a look at some of the indie nail polish restocks scheduled for the week starting Monday, May 20. Check back every Monday to see what’s coming up.

Monday, May 20
available now
Notables: Launch of Vous Etes Mon Soleil

available now
Notables: Launch of Secret Galaxy and Beachy Keen collections

available now
Notables: Launch of Demure’s Little Sister and Pink Is The New Black collections

Tuesday, May 21
time not specified
Notables: Launch of Daft Punk-inspired duo, including Instant Crush and Random Access Memories

Wednesday, May 22
LAC ATTACK (On LacAttack.com)
Notables: Restock, including Spring Fling and Magical Musings shades

time not specified
Notables: launch of five new colors, including Faerie Fate

Thursday, May 23
Notables: Launch of several new shades, including Care Bear Stare, Just Keep Swimming and Things Are Looking Very GRIMM, the launch of a new nail care line of cuticle oils and balms, plus a restock.

Friday, May 24
time not specified
Notables: Launch of six new shades, including Betrayed Desires and The Pink Ladies

time not specified
DARING DIGITS (On ddpolish.com)
Notables: Launch of Inverted

Saturday, May 24
Notables: Restock of older shadses

Sunday, May 25
time not specified
COLORS BY LLAROWE (On Llarowe.com)
Notables: Launch of new polish line, including Gizmo and Burnt Sugar

If you know of any planned restocks coming in the future, please let me know at polishgroupie@gmail.com Thanks for stopping by!


Aphrodite Lacquers RumRunner

In honor of today’s launch of the Aphrodite Lacquers Friday Night Glitter Bombs collection, here’s a look at one of Rebecca’s older polishes, RumRunner.

Aphrodite Lacquers RumRunner

Aphrodite Lacquers RumRunner

Aphrodite Lacquers RumRunner was actually the second-ever addition to my ever-growing collection of indie nail polishes, but for some reason I hadn’t swatched it yet.

RumRunner is part of Aphrodite’s The SandBar Collection, which celebrates summer-y cocktails. Genius!

Aphrodite Lacquers RumRunner

The polish is a berry-colored jelly with dark pink and silver glitter.

Aphrodite Lacquers RumRunner

RumRunner was a dream polish for me. It went on smooth with great application; the formula was perfect for me and it was easily removed, no staining. Plus not too many stray glitters left stranded on my skin, which is often a problem with glitter polish after removal.

This is a base coat of Gelous, two coats of RumRunner, another coat of Gelous and a coat of Poshe.

Aphrodite Lacquers RumRunner

RumRunner is currently available via the Aphrodite Lacquers shop on Etsy, along with the new Friday Night Glitter Bombs. And check out my weekly Restock Radar blog post for more indie polish launches coming this week.

Recent Haul

Sorry for the long absence, life got in the way! Rest assured, just because I wasn’t blogging about nail polish doesn’t mean I wasn’t buying nail polish. Here’s a quick look at a recent haul, meaning you can expect a closer look at several of these soon.

A collection of nail polishes from Revlon, Essie and others

From left to right:

Essie Matte About You: a mattifying top coat that I’m very eager to try out over a glitter polish. I’ve seen that on several blogs and really love the look,especially over a black base.

Revlon Whimsical: probably best known as a dupe of Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter In The Air, it’s a fun shade for summer, very light and soothing.

Lush Lemony Flutter: I’ve seen rave reviews of this cuticle butter on several of my favorite blogs, so I wanted to give it a whirl.

Revlon Fashionista: an intriguing blue, which I thought might pair well with Whimsical.

Aphrodite Lacquers RumRunner: Rebecca is now making waves in the indie polish world with her new Evil Indie Polish Queen line, but this one is from her earlier SandBar collection, which is still available on Etsy.

Essie Set In Stones: from Essie’s luxeffects top coat collection, this one is described by the company as “disco mirror ball chaos.” Yes, please!

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