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Black And White French Manicure

I’m completely loving this gel polish manicure. I didn’t do it myself so I can’t take any of the credit. I just knew what I wanted, found a picture of it online and showed it to the manicurist.


The black is regular stripper polish that she painted on, the white and the pale pink are CND soak-offpolish. The pale pink is a new favorite of mine, CND Grapefruit Sparkle. It as a lovely shimmer to it so it adds just a enough sparkle to keep things interesting.

I wanted this design specifically to go with this Calvin Klein dress, which I got at Macy’s.


This is the third gel polish manicure I’ve had, and while I generally prefer the easy removal of regular polish, I’m now convinced that gel manicures are essential for travel. Regular polish just can’t handle the rigors of packing and traveling on airplanes without chipping.

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