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Nail Mail!

Happy day! Two packages waiting for me when I got home tonight, one from Mischo Beauty and the other from Llarowe. [Side note: I hate when you break a nail opening a box of nail mail!!!]

nail mail Jan 9 2014


Back row [l to r]:


Front row [l to r]:


Aside from Jindie and Esmaltes da Kelly these were all first-time brands for me, so very excited to check them out. Any of these brands rank among your favorites?

Giveaway Shout-outs: Enchanted Polish and Peace, Love & Polish

Over the past few weeks I have been a very lucky Groupie, winning not one but TWO fantastic nail polish giveaways. I will have additional posts on these coming up, but wanted to at least get some public thank yous out to these ladies here on the blog. These aren’t the greatest photos — really I just took them to show my sister my spoils — but wanted to make sure I had some images here.

Last month I won a giveaway from indie polish maker Enchanted Polish, my first-ever win! What a great one to start out with. I received the lovely Penny Lane. Is it pink? Is it copper? For me it’s somewhere in between, but it’s 100 percent holo, and very, very pretty.

Enchanted Polish Penny Lane

(BTW, there’s another giveaway going on right now from Enchanted Polish for three brand new shades, so jump on it.)

Then at the end of July I was one of two winners of a giveaway from Peace, Love & Polish, which was a collection of 26 polishes left over from her blog sale. Not sure how she parted with some of these, some real beauties. You can get some sense for the massiveness of this haul from the photo. I wish I had photographed everything before I unpacked them … she took such care wrapping up each one, must have taken forever.

Peace, Love & Polish Giveaway Haul

So thanks very much to Chelsea at Enchanted Polish and Heather at Peace, Love & Polish for your generous gifts.

Recent Haul

Sorry for the long absence, life got in the way! Rest assured, just because I wasn’t blogging about nail polish doesn’t mean I wasn’t buying nail polish. Here’s a quick look at a recent haul, meaning you can expect a closer look at several of these soon.

A collection of nail polishes from Revlon, Essie and others

From left to right:

Essie Matte About You: a mattifying top coat that I’m very eager to try out over a glitter polish. I’ve seen that on several blogs and really love the look,especially over a black base.

Revlon Whimsical: probably best known as a dupe of Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter In The Air, it’s a fun shade for summer, very light and soothing.

Lush Lemony Flutter: I’ve seen rave reviews of this cuticle butter on several of my favorite blogs, so I wanted to give it a whirl.

Revlon Fashionista: an intriguing blue, which I thought might pair well with Whimsical.

Aphrodite Lacquers RumRunner: Rebecca is now making waves in the indie polish world with her new Evil Indie Polish Queen line, but this one is from her earlier SandBar collection, which is still available on Etsy.

Essie Set In Stones: from Essie’s luxeffects top coat collection, this one is described by the company as “disco mirror ball chaos.” Yes, please!

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