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I took a few liberties with Day 8 of the Nail-aween Nail Art Challenge from datyorkLOVES/SassyNails. The theme is witches, but instead of doing a green face or a pointed hat (many have already done those way better than I could), I wanted to try to portray a different aspect of witches: magic.

My thinking was something swirly and purple with some stars, so here’s what I came up with: water marble with fimo stars.

Halloween Water Marble Magic Witch Nail Art

I started with three coats of A-England Morgan Le Fay as the base, which is a super shimmery white. I was planning to use it in the water marble, but as soon as I started I remembered that this polish is no good for water marbles. It just doesn’t spread out over the water well. Oh well.

For the water marble, I used three polishes: Essie Sexy Divide (deep shimmery purple), Orly Rage (rose gold metallic) and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark (vampy near-black burgundy creme).

Halloween Water Marble Magic Witch Nail Art

I found this video tutorial on how to do a swirl water marble. As usual with water marbling, it always turns out to be much harder than it looks. I couldn’t quite get the swirl effect I was going for, but I still like the way it came out.

Halloween Water Marble Magic Witch Nail Art

The fimo stars are from a recent EBay spree. I used regular top coat to glue them on and seal them, and then a coat of Poshe fast-dry top coat over the whole nail.

This nail is the one that came the closest to what I wanted in terms of the swirl effect.

Halloween Water Marble Magic Witch Nail Art

Nail-aween Halloween Nail Art Challenge

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