A girl and her love of nail polish

I’m starting a new nail art challenge today. This is the Tri-Polish Challenge from Crumpet’s Nail Tarts.

The basic rules are that you have to pick three polishes, one coral, one purple and one green, and then use those same polishes to create four different manis. You can also add in white, black, silver, gold and glitter toppers.

Sinful Colors Island Coral, Amethyst, Juelp Courteney

The three colors I chose are Sinful Colors Island Coral, Sinful Colors Amethyst and Julep Courteney.

Tri-Polish Challenge: Dotticure

I went for a simple dotticure, starting with the base color, adding a white dot and then a smaller dot of the base color. The index finger white base is OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, the same white I used for the dots.

Tri-Polish Challenge: Dotticure

Nothing too crazy, just wanted to get back into the nail art game.

Tri-Polish Challenge: Dotticure

Check out the rest of the challenge participants here:

Comments on: "Crumpet’s Tri-Polish Challenge Day 1: Dotticure" (8)

  1. Really pretty! so suitable for spring!

  2. Love this and the polish choices !

  3. Lizajane1776 said:

    Love this! I might have to copy it if my last mani planned doesn’t work out.

  4. great colour choices and its so pretty

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