A girl and her love of nail polish

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. My unplanned break turned into more of an unplanned hiatus, but I’m back now. Exhausted, but back!

I had all of these wonderful plans for year-end posts I was going to do, but alas, it just didn’t happen. So here’s just one, a roundup of my most popular manicures from last year.

No. 5: Vampire Nail Art

Vampire Nail Art

This vampire nail art manicure was part of the 30-Day Challenge I did in September, but it also got big boosts around Halloween and again in November when the last Twilight movie came out!

No. 4: Zebra French Manicure

Zebra French Manicure with OPI Care To Danse? and Pirouette My Whistle

Animal prints aren’t really my thing, or so I thought until I tried this zebra french manicure out for the 30 Day Challenge. The more I look at it, the more I like it!

No. 3: Bold Retro Wallpaper Nail Art

Black and White Retro Dot Nail Art with Color Club Tweet Me

I can’t take any credit on the design for this bold retro wallpaper nail art look since it came from a tutorial I found online, but I did like my color choices.

No. 2: Silver And Gold Gradient

U2 Silver and Gold Glitter Gradient nail art

This silver and gold glitter gradient was actually inspired by the U2 song of the same name, but I think it made for an excellent holiday look as well.

No. 1: Pink Glitter Gradient

Pink Glitter Gradient Nail Art with Essie Luxeffects A Cut Above

You ladies love glitter gradients! This one was part of Breast Cancer Awareness month and was done in honor of my grandmother, so I’m very glad this was my most popular post of the year.

Bonus Manicure: My Favorite

Gradient Dot Manicure: OPI Berlin There Done That with Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby

I LOVE dotticures, usually ones that I see on other people, but I really loved the way this gradient dot manicure came out.

Thanks very much to everyone who visited my blog last year. Wishing you health, peace and prosperity in 2013!

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