A girl and her love of nail polish

Today I’ve got an indie nail polish for you called Woodsie’s Wish from Amy’s Nail Boutique.

I actually bought this to help satisfy my craving for Pretty & Polished’s Jawbreaker, which I still don’t own. But in the meantime, I’ve got Woodie’s Wish, which is definitely a fun little polish.

Amy's Nail Boutique Woodsie's Wish

Woodsie’s Wish features a white base with bunch of matte hex glitter. The description from Amy’s Nail Boutique lists the colors as turquoise, yellow, blue, pink, orange, hot pink and purple, but I see red in mine too.

In terms of formula, it was a little challenging to apply, in the same way that every other white polish I’ve ever tried is challenging: a little streaky and difficult to get full coverage.

These photos are of three coats. In retrospect I should have started with a few coats of plain old white polish and then just added Woodsie’s Wish from there to save it a little. Although honestly I can’t recall the last time I finished a bottle of nail polish that wasn’t base or top coat, so what am I worried about?

Application aside, this is a very pretty, cute, fun polish to wear. It reminds me of sprinkles on frosted cupcakes.

I’ve seen a lot of white base/multi-color matte polishes crop up on Etsy, so perhaps it’s not the most unique formulation in the world, but I love it. And it’s definitely different enough from Jawbreaker that it hasn’t wiped that lemming off my list.

These photos were taken in August during my vacation in Mystic, Conn. Loved wearing this one in the summer! It’s just taken a while to get them on the blog.

Polishes from Amy’s Nail Boutique are sold on Etsy, and as of press time, Woodsie’s Wish is in stock. There’s also a sale going on now: save 20 percent by using the coupon code “FALL20.”

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