A girl and her love of nail polish

Wow, only a few more days left in the challenge; the end is in sight! For Day 26 of the 30 Day Challenge, we’re tasked with creating something inspired by a pattern.

The pattern I chose was chevrons.

Dark Chevron Nail Art

I started with a base of two coats of Sinful Colors Slate. I then used three different colors to create the chevrons:

Dark Chevron Nail Art

I created the chevron pattern with a series of Xs: start with an X made out of color No. 1 at the cuticle end, then lay an X made out of color No. 2 to the right of it so that you’re moving toward the tip. Then color No. 3 to the right of that. It’s not that far off from the technique you would use for a fishtail braid manicure.

Dark Chevron Nail Art

I alternated the other colors throughout so that they stayed in the same order but I started at a different place in the rotation. So pinkie is 1, 2, 3, then 3 becomes 1 on the next nail, if that makes sense. Each nail was then finished with a final X of Sinful Color Slate so that each would have Slate on the tip.

Dark Chevron Nail Art

I like the pattern on this but I think I would have done better with a different color selection. I was aiming for dark fall colors, but it needed a bit more contrast between the colors. Hey, you live, you learn.

30-Day Challenge, 30 Days of Untrieds

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