A girl and her love of nail polish

Here’s a look at some of the indie nail polish restocks scheduled for this week. Check back every Monday to see what’s coming up.

Monday, September 17
Available Now
POMEGRANATE LACQUER (PomegranteLacquer.com)
Notables: Launch of Fall collection, including Curator (black with gold and silver glitter), Midnight Satellite (teal with silver shimmer) and Autumnesque (copper with gold shimmer)

GIRLY BITS (On Big Cartel)
Notables: Full restock, plus launch of new additions to the Calendar Girls collection and a Halloween collection, including Boo-Berry (described as a deep blurple jelly with purple, fuschia, navy blue and black hexes and squares, and sparse micro glitter) and Monster Mash (described as a slightly tinted green base with green, gold and black hexes, squares and shreds)

Friday, September 21
Notables: Kiss The Sky (purple with gold/pink duochrome) and I Love Rock & Roll (purple with pink fleck shimmer)

time not specified
SERUM No. 5 (On Etsy)
Notables: Launch of a Fall/Winter collection

time not specified
Notables: The Heart Of The Sun (copper/peach base that shifts to pink and green)

Saturday, September 22
RAINBOW HONEY (On RainbowHoney.com)
Notables: Launch of Chrono Cross Collection, including Lunairetic (described as red, gold, purple, magenta, and holographic hex and diamond glitter) and Unstealable Jewel (described as holographic silver diamonds, pink, silver, and microfine glitter in a sheer rose jelly)

Notables: I Just Blue Myself (blue hex and square glitter in a clear base — note new disclaimer on possible glitter bleed)

And Keep An Eye Out For …

DOLLISH POLISH should be launching a new limited edition Halloween collection this week on Big Cartel

If you know of any planned restocks coming in the future, please let me know at polishgroupie@gmail.com Thanks for stopping by!

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