A girl and her love of nail polish

For Day 9’s rainbow theme, I tried a laser tape manicure. I actually had to use Google to find out what this type of manicure was called, but it’s pretty basic: lay down a base color, apply striping tape to the nail, paint over it with another color, remove the tape to expose the underlying color.

Rainbow Laser Tape Manicure

The lines didn’t come out as cleanly as I had hoped. On some it seemed I waited too long to remove the tape; others seemed like it was too soon. It depends more on the consistency of the top color. If it’s a runny color you need to wait longer; if it dries faster, remove sooner before it sets too much.

Rainbow Laser Tape Nail Art

Since I’m doing 30 Days of Untrieds simultaneously with the 30 Day Challenge, I was able to work a few untrieds into the mix as well.

Here are the polishes used in this manicure:

base: Zoya Jolene
top: Ulta Steppin Out (untried)

base: Zoya Jancyn
top: China Glaze Riveting

base: Sinful Colors Let’s Meet mixed with NYC French White Tip
top: Sinful Colors Let’s Meet

base: Sinful Colors Exotic Green
top: Sinful Colors Last Chance

base: Zoya Robyn
top: Nails Inc Baker Street (untried)

I used three coats of all of the base colors except the blue nail,which is two coats. The top colors are all one coat except the blue nail, which is two coats. I topped everything off with one coat of Poshe fast-dry top coat.

Rainbow Laser Tape Nail Art

Not sure rainbow nail art is my thing, but I did like the idea of this one, if not totally in love with the execution.

Are you a fan of rainbow nails?

30-Day Challenge, 30 Days of Untrieds

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  1. Very pretty 🙂

  2. very pretty, I am starting the challeng tomorrow 🙂

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