A girl and her love of nail polish

So I had no yellow polish except one that is sort of a green-yellow, so I went out and grabbed one. Yellow’s not my color — on anything — but them’s the rules of the challenge. It is after all, Day 3 of the 30 Day Challenge, and means we’re all committed to yellow today. I’m simultaneously doing 30 Days of Untrieds too, so both are covered.

Sinful Colors Let's Meet yellow nail polish

Sinful Colors Let's Meet yellow nail polish

I picked up Sinful Colors Let’s Meet (untried), which I would describe as a Tweety bird yellow with shimmer. I’ve been looking at some of the other bloggers’ efforts for today’s challenge, and like many of them, my first attempt at this challenge did not turn out as I had hoped so I scrapped it.

But I’m actually quite pleased with my second try, and it’s making me come around to the benefits of bright yellow polish. I’m a little sad that summer is unofficially over because I think this is a perfect summer combo.

Sinful Colors Let's Meet yellow nail polish

This is three coats of Sinful Colors Let’s Meet, and then I applied the rhinestones sandwiched between two layers of topcoat. The idea for the two-stone design came from a post I had seen earlier in the month from Chalkboard Nails, where she featured a work-appropriate manicure she had done for a friend.

Sinful Colors Let's Meet yellow nail polish

That idea stuck with me, and it was something I’ve been wanting to recreate. The ring finger originally was going to be a straight line too, but as I was laying them out on a piece of paper during mani prep they got knocked around a bit and it me the idea for this pattern … a happy accident.

Have you found a yellow polish that works for you?

30-Day Challenge, 30 Days of Untrieds

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