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Like a lot of polish groupies out there, I took advantage of last week’s Walgreens sale to stock up on Sinful Colors. The company recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons in the Blogosphere after stealing bloggers’ photos for its advertising materials. Shame on them (parent company Revlon has since issued what seems to be a sincere apology on Facebook). Despite the drama and calls from some bloggers for a Sinful Colors boycott, I was still curious to try out their polishes since their colors are pretty rich and their prices are extremely low. They were only $0.99 during the sale, but even at full price they’re only $2, so I felt like it was a good chance to try some colors out that I might not have spent more on (I actually had a yellow shade in my cart for awhile but couldn’t commit to it in the end!) These are a few of the bottles I picked up, and I really liked each of them. The formula on all of them seemed pretty consistent, which is to say they went on pretty easily. I apologize in advance for the increasingly sloppy manicures; a storm came on very quickly and I was losing my light for outdoor photos. Here’s a look at what I got:

Social Ladder is a sheer-ish pink polish with a subtle iridescent shimmer. This is three coats, no top coat.

Sinful Colors Social Ladder

Sinful Colors Social Ladder

Sinful Colors Social Ladder

Next up is Frenzy, which sports purple and teal micro-glitter in a clear base. Here’s one coat over Social Ladder, no top coat. It was pretty hard to clean up. You can see remnants of it around the edges after I switched to the other colors. But it’s very eye-catching.

Sinful Colors Frenzy over Social LadderSinful Colors Frenzy over Social LadderSinful Colors Frenzy over Social Ladder

This one is my favorite of the group, Cinderella. It’s a really nice, elegant pale blue with a very subtle pink shimmer. This is two coats, no top coat.

Sinful Colors CinderellaSinful Colors CinderellaSinful Colors Cinderella

Moving on to Slate, a medium gray with frosty silver shimmer. I think this would be a great color underneath a lot of the popular glitter layering polishes. This is two coats, no top coat.

Sinful Colors SlateSinful Colors SlateSinful Colors Slate

Last of this bunch is Amethyst, a grape purple cream. After taking these photos I added a coat of Poshe and wore this one for a week with only minimal tip wear, so very pleased with its longevity.

Sinful Colors AmethystSinful Colors AmethystSinful Colors Amethyst

That’s it for now. What Sinful Colors did you pick up in last week’s sale?

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