A girl and her love of nail polish

It was a happy day at the Polish Groupie house, for about 15 minutes. Then, it became a dark day indeed. Waiting for me in the mailbox was a happy little parcel from Enchanted Polish, containing the three completely awesome holo polishes I snagged during Chelsea’s last restock on Etsy. I got Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds, Magic Mirror and Cranberry Cosmo (the one that was an early front runner for new favorite bestest-ever color).

Then came the error in judgement that will haunt me until I somehow manage to procure another bottle: I let The Toddler play with the bottles, and before I even knew what happened he had somehow managed to break the bottle of Cranberry Cosmo.

Luckily he was not injured, so that’s the main thing. But the polish spilled all over my hardwood floor (and onto his little fingers and toes, so he managed to track a bit of it from living room into the kitchen and even smear it on some cabinets before I could get everything cleaned up). Thank goodness my mother is visiting or I would never have been able to manage. As it was, I soaked up as much as I could with paper towels while she cleaned him up, and then I had to make a trip to buy some non-acetone polish remover to use on the floors (acetone would have eaten away the finish).

So I lost the bottle and had a craptastic time cleaning up as well. Dark day indeed.

Here’s a look at my sad little Cranberry Cosmo in the trash. 😦

Spilled Cranberry Cosmo

Comments on: "Enchanted Polish Tragedy!" (2)

  1. awww i’m so sorry!!!! that’s horrible! i have yet to break a bottle of polish *knocks on wood*, but i have spilled one. I was tired one night painting my nails and i somehow managed to tip the bottle, i tried to catch it and it went flying through the air and landed on the carpet pouring out. I was my Celeb City by Sally hansen, so sad…but i got another. I hope you can get another!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, @thelittlecanvas. I still don’t really know how it happened, but fingers crossed that I can replace it. I’m waiting for tomorrow to see my floor in daylight so I can tell whether I really got off all of the polish or not!

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