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Restock Radar: Week of April 1

Here’s a look at some of the indie nail polish restocks scheduled for the week starting Monday, April 1. Check back every Monday to see what’s coming up.

Monday, April 1
PRETTY & POLISHED (On ShopPrettyAndPolished.com and Etsy)
Notables: Launch of Algebraic Addition collection

Notables: Restock, including Golden Raspberries and Sea of Dreams

Notables: Restock, including Psykick, Bluebird and Cosmic Ruins

Wednesday, April 3
LAC ATTACK (On LacAttack.com)
Notables: Launch of six new spring shades, including Cherry Blossom Bloom and Bunny Poop, plus launch of The Cure Starts Now duo and a restock of the Magical Musings collection

Friday, April 5
SERUM No. 5 (On SerumNo5.com and Etsy)
Notables: Launch of SS13: Part 2, including Fame and Happy Place

Notables: Launch of new colors

time not specified
RAINBOW HONEY (On rainbowhoney.com)
Notables: Launch of Robot collection and limited edition Bubble Beam

And Keep An Eye Out For …
CULT NAILS is offering a pre-sale for full sets of its forthcoming In The Garden Collection, now through April 7, at a 30 percent discount.

If you know of any planned restocks coming in the future, please let me know at polishgroupie@gmail.com Thanks for stopping by!


Pretty & Polished Island of Misfit Toys; Love Always, Candy Cain; and Pretty As A Peacock

This morning I’ve got three new shades from indie nail polish maker Pretty & Polished. All of these go on sale today, so feast your eyes and then high-tail it over to Chelsea’s Etsy shop (the restock is scheduled for 10amET today). I’m showing two holiday shades: Island of Misfit Toys and Love Always, Candy Cain, plus another new one called Pretty As A Peacock. Even though some of these are officially “holiday” colors, there’s nothing about them that would keep you from wearing them any time you want.

First up is Island of Misfit Toys, a fantastic multi-color glitter topper in a clear base.There’s too much stuff in here to really describe it all. Hexes, squares, bars … red, green, blue, purple, pink, silver, gold. Pretty! This one is my favorite of the three, and I think it’s easy to see why.

This is two coats of Island of Misfit Toys over three coats of Zoya Jolene, no top coat.

Pretty & Polished Island Of Misfit ToysPretty & Polished Island Of Misfit Toys

Pretty & Polished Island Of Misfit Toys

Pretty & Polished Island Of Misfit Toys

Next is Love Always, Candy Cain, another glitter topper in a clear base. This one has primarily red and white glitter in it, including large white and red hearts, as well as large white hex glitter. I did have a little trouble fishing out the larger pieces, especially the white hearts. There are a ton of them in there, I just couldn’t catch one!

This is two coats of Love Always, Candy Cain over two coats of Sinful Colors Exotic Green, for a classic Christmas look. It’s topped off with one coat of Poshe fast-dry top coat.

Pretty & Polished Love Always, Candy CainPretty & Polished Love Always, Candy CainPretty & Polished Love Always, Candy Cain

Pretty & Polished Love Always, Candy Cain

Finally I’ve got Pretty As A Peacock, which is kind of hard to describe. It’s got a gray-green shimmer base with purple, green and teal glitter. It’s not really glossy, more of a satin finish. Really lovely.

This is two coats of Pretty As A Peacock plus one coat of Poshe.

Pretty & Polished Pretty As A Peacock

Pretty & Polished Pretty As A Peacock

Pretty & Polished Pretty As A Peacock

Pretty & Polished Pretty As A Peacock

Hope you enjoyed these, they’re all really fun. Happy hunting!

30 Day Challenge Day 21 – Color: Pretty & Polished Private School

For Day 21 of the 30 Day Challenge, I turned to my growing collection of indie nail polish for inspiration. Today’s theme is inspired by a color, so I took that to mean I should look for inspiration from a nail polish shade.

I recently picked up a mini of Pretty & Polished Private School. With the recent start of the school season and the feel of fall in the air, this one jumped out at me. It’s a sheer gray with silver and black glitter plus a subtle red shimmer. I hadn’t used it yet so that counts toward 30 Days of Untrieds, the other challenge I’m participating in simultaneously.

Pretty & Polished Private School plaid nail art

I started with one coat of Sinful Colors Slate, a medium gray with a silver frosty shimmer, just so I wouldn’t have to use as much of my precious indie polish. I then applied one coat of Pretty & Polished Private School on each nail except my ring finger, which got a second coat of Sinful Colors Slate. I topped that off with a coat of Poshe fast-dry top coat. Pretty & Polished Private School was as pretty on the nail as it was in the bottle. It went on very will, with little-to-no glitter placement needed. Pretty & Polished is available on Etsy.

Pretty & Polished Private School plaid nail art

Private school makes me think of school uniforms, so I created a plaid pattern on my ring finger, loosely based on this video tutorial from Cute Polish. I used Essie Very Cranberry (also untried), a berry-colored creme, to paint a wide stripe down the nail, then created a tic-tac-toe board pattern with Kiss Nail Art Paint Black striping polish. I used a Kiss White striper polish to create a cross pattern inside the black lines, and then Kiss Silver Glitter striper polish to add the last two lines of my plaid pattern.

Pretty & Polished Private School plaid nail art

Then on my index finger, I used a dotting tool and Essie Very Cranberry to add three small hearts, the kind you might find scribbled on the front of a notebook or the inside of a locker door. I added another layer of Poshe on top of the nail art.

Pretty & Polished Private School plaid nail art

Hope you liked my Private School-inspired manicure.

30-Day Challenge, 30 Days of Untrieds

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